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Remarkable results! Frieda was afraid of her own shadow and because of this training we can go out in public without either one of us having a complete melt down. Frieda is definitely a more confident and calm dog � now that she has had this training. I recommend this company to anyone looking for a dog � trainer.

Melanie Ann DeRossett
Dog Owner

Thanks so much Melissa and Jackuye! Indy just graduated last week and we had him at an event at a marina all weekend. He was so good with all the people (and other dogs) around and several people told us he was the most well-behaved dog they've ever seen. So happy that we did the training.

Kate Carney
Dog Owner

Beyond professional. I can't say enough good things. Truly. After going through many different store trainings this is by far the best you can do for your dog and yourself. Melissa is so knowledgeable and understanding. Melissa helps you as the owner to understand the dog with the training which is great because then you and your dog end up a great team!!!!!! I would highly recommend to ANYONE with a dog to use.

Angela Walker
Dog Owner

This is the only trainer to hire. Fabulous is an understatement. My 7 month old puppy is a star thanks to Melissa and Jacquye. If you want to be a happy dog owner this is the only place for you and your dog! Thank you coaches we are grateful!

Mary Trask
Dog Owner

Words cannot describe how happy our dog has been since his training with melissa and Jackie......he is such a good boy now thank you so much

Lynne Daines
Dog Owner

Just the greatest dog/people trainer ever!! Pippa � Melissa

Mark Primack
Dog Owner

We are so pleased with the progress that Aspen has made. Melissa is very knowledgeable,patient and competent! You will be happier with your dog and your dog will be happier with you 🐶

Dana Page
Dog Owner

Melissa is amazing! We rescued a 4 yr old cocker spaniel who was in great need of manners. Her ability to be direct, consistent and honest about the family commitment required was what made our training a success! We graduate next week with a completely changed dog. We feel so blessed that we found her. I’ve had many hard headed cockers over the years. By far this little guy is our STAR.....thanks to Melissa!!!!

Fran Gill
Dog Owner

A brief on who we are

Dogs by Melissa believes’ that sharing your life with a dog can be a very rewarding experience for both you and your dog.

Dogs by Melissa uses a balanced approach to dog training that builds lasting relationships based on communication, respect, and consistency. A clear line of communication and expectation is developed between you and your dog with proper training. We follow the 3 principles of training; timing, consistency, and motivation, to build that relationship with you and your dog.